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Fine Art Giclee Print: Willow study

willow sequence, giclee.jpg
willow sequence, giclee.jpg

Fine Art Giclee Print: Willow study


Fine Art giclee prints of original artwork by Nick Neddo on 100% acid-free archival cotton rag paper; museum quality.

11 x 14in.

Limited Edition of 100 prints total. Each print autographed by the author with print #/100. Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back of eachpiece.

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Giclee prints are made on 100% acid-free archival cotton rag paper (210 gsm) in Museum Quality Frames made in the US by Nielson Bainbridge.

Simple and distinctive, Archival Gallery frames are black aluminum, with a bright white beveled mat, with UV glazing for a dramatic gallery appearance.

Mats are 100% archival, double thick 8-ply museum quality rag, with the extra protection of Artcare technology to protect your artwork from the effects of acid degradation and pollution damage.


Shipping details: Artwork is shipped to you in a sturdy, padded box.